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Dear Family and Friends,
Here is a link to to youtube video of my invited talk on “Life Flows” at the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship in St Augustine on February 26, 2017.
Hope you will enjoy it.
Tao of Love by Vinod Deshmukh
A video-poem by
Vinod D Deshmukh and Aravind Mak
January 20, 2017
Documentary about Dr Oliver Sacks.
Touching the Cosmos
YouTube link
Manatee approaching our dock this morning!
What a surprize!
October 3, 2016
Link to four manatees video on youtube.
Lecture to the department of Psychology,
UNF Jacksonville, FL, February 18, 2016
Neuroscience of Meditation and Promotion of Mental Health.
vinod011510 4560
Azmat Hussain 10 yr old gifted singer from Rajasthan, India 2011.
This morning’s meditation and inspiration!!!
Morning Meditation 061115 013
June 11, 2015
The following is a beautiful Marathi song written by Arun Saraf and recorded by Suresh Wadkar: “Paahataa Paahataa Pahaatechi Jhaali saanja…”
Please watch this unique video-poem for the New Year 2014!
Happy Healthy and Creative New Year 2014 to All.
Vinod and Sunanda
January 1st 2014
paintings 2010 013

Face Fascinates Me

On a sunny afternoon in Lisbon,

I took a yellow tram, number 28E,

And sat by an open window,

With my camera-in-hand.

The tram went through the old parts of town,

With ancient buildings, small shops, and narrow roads.

Initially, I was fascinated by

The incredibly narrow paths for trams,

Old churches, historic houses and monuments.

I took many pictures of the winding roads,

The red and yellow trams, and some private cars,

Skillfully negotiating through places and people.

Then I started noticing the people and their faces,

Patiently waiting at the tram stops.

I mentally paused and looked at each face,

With curiosity, interest, enthusiasm and

Without any hurry, bias or judgment.

Every new face fascinated me.

Each had a unique story of its own.

I started taking pictures of these anonymous faces.

I could relate to each person,

And could feel their being – their spirit.

I saw the wonder of happiness and love

Of a father leading his three well-dressed daughters,

Of a toddler, securely holding her grandfather’s hand,

Of a newlywed couple kissing each other passionately,

And two old ladies enjoying a leisurely conversation,

Totally unaware of the passing tram and the rushing passengers.

I also saw sadness, loneliness and fear on some faces;

The face of an old lady walking with a stick and a grocery bag,

Of a young woman frantically smoking and cursing on the cell phone,

Of a middle aged man with a sad look, in front of a large closed door,

Of three men drinking beer, smoking cigarettes and arguing furiously,

The sad face of a hungry old man sitting alone at a street corner,

Of a dignified man singing Fado, a sad song,

And petting his little dog every-now-and-then.

Of a lady posed as a stone statue,

And a lonely woman trying to sell flowers.

Every face fascinated me.

Each face had a unique story to tell,

And an unspeakable dignity behind it.

Each face was reflecting humanity from within.

The human spirit was shining through their eyes.

I could feel their aliveness and life-energy.

No face was imperfect or ordinary.

Each had its own living brilliance.

Every face fascinated me.

Every life-form taught me something new.

Every person was reminding me,

Of our commonality, our common source,

And the Great Spirit that smiles through us all.

It ever shines through all faces, all life-forms

And through everything that exists.

Thus, all faces fascinate me,

Including my own!

I bow down to the Great Spirit within all.

नमस्ते! नमस्ते! नमस्ते!


Vinod D Deshmukh

September 8th 2010

Revised December 9, 2013

Please listen to the new poem that I recorded this morning.
Click the link below. The above is portrait that I had painted from a photograph that was taken in Lisbon.
Hope you will enjoy it.
Dear Family and Friends,
Please listen to the six short pieces of Violin Performances by my elder brother Vijay. It was recorded at a private home, in Pune, India, 2012. Hope you will enjoy the wonderful music.
Vinod and Sunanda
Shri Vijay D Deshmukh’s Violin Performances 1-6, in Pune, India. 2012
1) “आता  कोठे धावे मन  Aataa kothe dhaave mana” Sant Tukaaram (poet), Bhimsen Joshi (singer)
2) “काळ देहासी आला खाऊ, आम्ही आनंदे नाचू गाऊ  Kaala dehaasi aalaa khaau, aamhi aanande naachu gaavu” Sant Naamadeva (poet), Suresh Waadakar (singer)
3) “कळा ज्या लागल्या जीवा kalaa jyaa laagalyaa jeeva” Bhaa Raa Tambe (poet), Lata Mageshkar (singer)
4) “सुरमयी श्याम इस तरह आये, सास लेते है जिस तरह सांये  Suramayi shyaama isa tarah aaye, saasa lete hai jisa tarah saaye” Suresh Waadakar (singer)
5) “ठुमक चलत रामचंद्र Thumak chalata Ramachandra” Sant Tulasidaas (poet), Lata Mageshkar (singer)
6) “श्री रामचंद्र कृपाळु भज मन  Shree Raamachandra Krupaalu bhaja mana” Sant Tulasidaasa (poet), Lata Mageshkar (singer)

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