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Welcoming the Moment:


Welcoming this and each moment, wholeheartedly and open-mindedly. This can happen only if one is free, fresh and is guided by the natural innate wisdom in all Life and Nature.


It also depends on our mode of being and the momentary perspective. One has to be free of previous experiences and future expectations. One never sees the same sunset twice. In fact, nothing repeats in Life or Nature. That is a great wonder!


All events and moments are arbitrary. We define them from moment to moment, based on our past experiences, needs, wants, fears, and intentions. We create the momentary world of our experience. The absolute reality cannot be perceived and described. Some sages simply call it, “That.” Some scientists call it, “Holomovement.”


In order to understand the wonder of “That,” one has to learn to be free and freshly present to welcome this and every moment or event with full awareness, curiosity, care, cheerfulness, compassion and respect.


“That” is ever-present!

Welcome it!


Vinod D Deshmukh.


July 29, 2017

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On Learning

  • Learning by pleasure or pain and choice (Classical conditioning).
  • Learning by observing others and copying (Mirror neuron system).
  • Learning by sensory-motor behavior and experience (self-situational interactions).
  • Learning by attending intentionally to specific objects and events, which create subject-object duality and memory-based experience, cognition-emotion and a narrative, a self-story or an autobiography.
  • Learning by presence or being fully present now, which is spontaneous, effortless, nondual and holistic. It can generate self-understanding, intuition, creativity, peace, love and wisdom.

Vinod D Deshmukh

November 18, 2016

अनित्य अपूर्ण
Awareness of the transient and incomplete (the imperfect).


स्वस्थ अनन्तस्थ |

At-ease with self and at-home in the Infinite!

Accepting the transient imperfections of

body, mind, ego and the world.


Self-understanding is the learning from one’s experience of the body, mind, ego, and the world. It is the mirror in which one looks at oneself and knows the truth of Life.

We are nested in Nature.
Life is a daily gift.

Life is a gift of Nature!

Nature is the best therapy!

October 21, 2016




We are an act of Nature as well.

We are not separate.

We are an integral part of the Whole.

Nature acts as a whole, as a single entity or a system.

October 11, 2016



Psyche and Psychical Energy


APA dictionary defines Psyche and Psychical or Mental Energy as follows:


Psyche             in psychology, the mind in its totality, as distinguished from the physical organism. The term also refers to the soul or the very essence of life.


Psychical Energy       in psychoanalytic theory, the dynamic force behind all mental processes. According to Sigmund Freud, the basic sources of this energy are the instincts or the drives that are located in the ID and seek immediate gratification according to the pleasure principle. Carl Jung also believed there is a reservoir of psychic energy, but objected to Freud’s emphasis on the pleasurable gratification of biological instincts and emphasized the means by which this energy is channeled into the development of personality and the expression of cultural and spiritual values.            

Quale is defined as a property (as redness) considered apart from things having the property. It also means a property as it is experienced as distinct from any source it might have in a physical object.
APA Dictionary defines quale (pl. qualia) as [1] the characteristic or quality that determines the nature of a mental experience (sensation or perception) and makes it distinguishable from other such experiences, so that (for example) the experiencer differentiates between the sensations of heat and cold. In one sense it is a fundamental unit of experience. [2] The phenomenal conscious state or feeling specific to each emotion. The ineffable phenomenal states of anger, happiness, fear, sadness and so on are qualia of affect. These are obligate states of the living organism.

When I am,

I am in Nature;

When I am not,

I am Nature.


I can’t expect a Papaya

to grow into Mango and a Mango

to grow into a Jack-fruit.


Vinod D Deshmukh

August 13, 2015

Being becomes polarized into a duality, me-and-other, background-and-foreground, now-and-then, here-and-there, this-and-that. It becomes dual and confuses us. The other may be a person, an object or an idea. We can learn to be just One Being, which is infinite and timeless. Let it happen spontaneously, effortlessly. It does happen.
Please enjoy my new oil painting celebrating our Good Earth.
Happy Earth Day! 
Background Being 042215 003
Background Being 042215 001
Vinod D Deshmukh.
April 22, 2015

The observed is within the observer.

All of my experience is within me.

I am within my Self; my Self is within me.
I am in Nature; Nature is within me.
I am in the Divine; Divine is within me.
All of these perspectives point to the same Truth.


The Maker is not different from What Is. Some how, all that is happening, is a single Living Process and one is not separate from It.
One has to become separate, of course, when one writes a poem about it. But, when one is really walking, one is just walking in bliss!
Every action at that time is an act of insight and bliss. It is hard to describe exactly what happens; it is like trying to describe the Infinite Reality.
The expressive description or any thoughtful poem about it, is never complete. It just points to some thing Majestic, like Chandra Shaakhaa Nyaaya. It does not do justice to the holistic experience of what is happening timelessly.
I do not know what may or may not happen next. I never know what the next poem or essay will be about. But, I do not worry about it. I just stay awake and receptive and be thankful for what has already happened. It is a gift of the Self or the Divine and I am ever so grateful. There is always an uncertainty in the phenomenal existence and individual experience.

We are leaves of one tree.

We know what it feels like to be a leaf.

Do we know what it feels like

to be the whole tree,

which we truly are?

True freedom is freedom from

the known and the knower.

They are twins.

They are born together,

and they dissipate together.

All that you know is not new;

the new is now.

Be Present!

Truth is now;

Be present!

It is in our back yard all the time.

We just don’t notice it.

We are too busy digging our front yard.

We have to redirect and pay attention to

The timeless infinite within.

Empty of memory,

Full of awareness!


All of my experience is within me.
Discover the unoccupied presence.
That is the greatest wonder!
Try it.

Unoccupied presence!

Discover it.

All of my experience is

within me.

Stay alert and hungry

to know and understand

what’s happening.


I have limitless energy and time for everything,

because I am not preoccupied with anything;

I have no fixed agenda or expectations;

I am fully present in the reality, as is!

Eventless  Awareness


Formless, soundless, timeless,

Selfless presence!

An all-inclusive energy-awareness-being!

How real it is. All else is just a dream.

All-inclusive consciousness,

Living, throbbing, and a limitless consciousness!

Nothing more to do or to attain.

It is what it is, the essential perfection.

It is spontaneous, endless, voiceless, waveless,

Flawless, breath-taking, motionless, directionless,

Desireless, choiceless, fearless, angerless,

Painless and deathless!

It is all that is, the  actuality!

Every experiential event points to

The eventless awareness

That we truly are, in essence.

Vinod D Deshmukh, October 24, 2013

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