Welcoming the Moment:


Welcoming this and each moment, wholeheartedly and open-mindedly. This can happen only if one is free, fresh and is guided by the natural innate wisdom in all Life and Nature.


It also depends on our mode of being and the momentary perspective. One has to be free of previous experiences and future expectations. One never sees the same sunset twice. In fact, nothing repeats in Life or Nature. That is a great wonder!


All events and moments are arbitrary. We define them from moment to moment, based on our past experiences, needs, wants, fears, and intentions. We create the momentary world of our experience. The absolute reality cannot be perceived and described. Some sages simply call it, “That.” Some scientists call it, “Holomovement.”


In order to understand the wonder of “That,” one has to learn to be free and freshly present to welcome this and every moment or event with full awareness, curiosity, care, cheerfulness, compassion and respect.


“That” is ever-present!

Welcome it!


Vinod D Deshmukh.


July 29, 2017

We are embedded in Nature and Nature is embodied in us
like a wave in a sea of cosmic energy.
May 11, 2017
“The dawn of pink outpouring peace and love for all!”
Reality is subtle multi-dimensional and multi-modal and it cannot be fully described. But, by our primordial self-aware being and feeling, we can sense or feel its essence.
Anything, which we can perceive and conceive as an object, an event or a thought, is not that. It is not an observable phenomenon. It is not our observable self either, although all phenomena are included in it.
It is the primordial, holistic, timeless, essential and blissful energy-aware-being. Reality is the Perfection that is!
Vinod D Deshmukh.
April 5, 2016


Even the whole Universe acts like a giant pool. See the recent discovery of gravitational waves.

All of us need to realize our connectedness and oneness. We have to learn to get along, help and hopefully love each other. Just now the human world is on fire due to our ignorance, mindlessness and madness. Watch this mindfully and be responsible for self and others. We need to change. Hopefully, we can change before it is too late.

Every moment, there is a possibility of joy, peace and love.

Tabebuia after rains 031416 065


क्व निरोधो विमूढस्य यो निर्बन्धं करोति वै |

स्वारामस्यैव धीरस्य सर्वदा असौ अकृत्रिमः ||

Where is the control of the mind for the fool, who strives for it? To the wise-one, who delights in the (primordial) Self, it is indeed spontaneous and perennial.

(Ashtavakra Gita 18:41).

निर्ध्यातुं चेष्टितुं वापि यत्चित्तं न प्रवर्तते |

निर्निमित्तमिदं किन्तु निर्ध्यायति विचेष्टते ||

The mind of the liberated one does not engage itself either in meditation or in activity.

It becomes meditative and active without any motive – spontaneously.

Ashtavakra Gita 18:31

Primordial Peace

आदि शान्ति (Ādi Shānti)

Listening to the flow of life,

Listening to the listener until

Silence dawns as loving peace.

Being the spontaneous bliss

That effulges freely from within is

The loving heart of all life.

Vinod D Deshmukh

January 26, 2016

Neuroscience & Buddha 045



Nirvana is Perfection.


In the Perfect state

There is neither subject

Nor object.


There is nothing to see

Nothing to feel

Nothing to know.

Seeing and knowing are

The functions of the mind.


In nirvana

There is nothing but

The blissful pure consciousness

“I am.”


External samadhi is

Holding on to Reality

While witnessing the world,

Without reacting to it from within.

There is the stillness of

A waveless ocean.


Internal samadhi involves

Loss of body consciousness.


Sahaja samadhi is

Absolute and unaffected.

It is always there.


Sri Ramana Maharshi

From talk 406.


Nature is one


We are in Nature,

And nature is within us.

All of us are nested

In the Natural Reality.

Nature is the energy, matter

And information matrix.


From this holistic matrix,

Our brain, mind, ego,

And dual consciousness emerge.


The electrical activity of our brain

Is spontaneous, complex and fluid,

Like a lightning that emerges

From a raincloud.


The source of our conscious being is

Naturally subconscious and

Can never be objectified.

It is our essential subjectivity.


It is the Nature’s greatest wonder.

We need to learn to appreciate

This mystery.


Vinod D Deshmukh

September 11, 2015


Meditative Mindset


In order to understand and learn,

About oneself and one’s world,

It is good to have

An attentive, calm and clear mind,

And let the mind be filled

With the present reality.


It is better to let go of one’s preoccupation

With distracting thoughts of the past and future,

And to stay mentally open, free and curious,

In the present moment.


There is a lot to learn

By living.in the infinite present.


We are always nested in Nature.

Love being in Existence,



Vinod D Deshmukh

September 9, 2015

Yellow rat snake & pink Impatiens 010

Cosmic Religion or  विश्वधर्म  Vishwa Dharma

Albert Einstein wrote an essay called “Cosmic Religion,” which was published in the New York Times Magazine on November 9, 1930.

Einstein wrote about three levels of religion – “that of fear, with a God who protects rewards and punishes;

a second (level) related to morality, like that of the Ten Commandments; and a third level he called the ‘cosmic religious sense.’ Einstein explained that, unlike an anthropomorphic concept of God,

here, at this third level, a person feels the nobility and marvelous order revealed in nature and the world of thought. The person feels that individual destiny is a form of imprisonment and seeks to experience the totality of existence as a unity full of significance.

We might define Einstein’s third level as spirituality.”

(Quotation from Heilman KH and Donda RS. (2014). The Believer’s Brain: Home of the Religious and Spiritual Mind. Psychology Press, New York, NY. p. 102).

Posted by Vinod D Deshmukh


When I am,

I am in Nature;

When I am not,

I am Nature.


I can’t expect a Papaya

to grow into Mango and a Mango

to grow into a Jack-fruit.


Vinod D Deshmukh

August 13, 2015

One is nested in ONE.
Life Loves Itself. 
Life Knows Itself. 
Life Energizes Itself. 
One is Life Itself.

Sunset 041915 001

April 20, 2015

Family Synergy


Coming together as a family in peace;

Working, playing and praying together;

Learning, creating and sharing;

Loving all, including oneself;

Caring for Life, Freedom and Nature;

Loving Synergy works well for all.


Original oil on canvas painting

By Vinod and Sunanda Deshmukh

April 2, 2015

An insightful quotation

         “The main thesis in The Tao of Physics is that the approaches of physicists and mystics, even though they seem at first quite different, share some important characteristics. To begin with, their method is thoroughly empirical. Physicists derive their knowledge from experiments; mystics from meditative insights. Both are observations, and in both fields these observations are acknowledged as the only source of knowledge. The objects of observation are, of course, very different in the two cases. The mystic looks within and explores his consciousness at various levels, including physical phenomena associated with the mind’s embodiment. The physicist by contrast, begins his inquiry into the essential nature of things by studying the natural world. Exploring ever deeper realms of matter, he becomes aware of the essential unity of all natural phenomena. More than that, he also realizes that he himself and his consciousness are an integral part of this unity. Thus the mystic and the physicist arrive at the same conclusion; one starting from the inner realm and the other from the outer world. The harmony between their views confirms the ancient Indian wisdom that brahman, the ultimate reality without, is identical to atman, the reality within.”

From Fritjof Capra and Pier Luigi Luisi’s book, The Systems View of Life: A Unifying Vision. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, UK (2014) p. 286.  

Self-Realization– Self-realization springs from within, because the fundamental truth of our existential Being is within us. It is not outside in the changing phenomena. There is something amazingly beautiful within each one of us – a primal feeling ādibhāva आदिभाव, of an infinite ananta अनन्त, spontaneous wonder vismayaḥ विस्मय:. It is whole in itself, pūrṇa पूर्ण. It lacks nothing. It is the greatest wonder within, which waits to be discovered by our watchful Self-inquiry. We are an integral part of this incredible Natural Order, Ṛtam ऋतं. We are in Nature and Nature is within us, at every level of our biophysical and mental being. We have to realize this amazing integration in our own core heart~being. This is what Vedānta is all about.”

(A quotation from my book, “The Astonishing Brain and Holistic Consciousness: Neuroscience and Vedanta Perspectives. (2012) Nova Science Publishers, New York, NY. page 252.

The Unspeakable


Nothing more can be said


The blissful Self-Conscious Being,


“I am That.”

“You are That.”

“All this is That.”

Realize this Truth


Be the Beautiful Being

That you always are.

Vinod D Deshmukh

December 23, 2014

One Living Arousal 

One living arousal manifests in infinite ways.

It regulates and maintains all living beings including us.

It activates both subconscious and conscious mind,

Including memory, thought and speech.

It motivates all egos to survive and thrive.

With spontaneous and synchronous brain activity,

It creates our dreams and the experienced world that we share.

The living arousal makes us conscious beings.

It is the flame of self-awareness.

 Flame DSC01756 (2)

Vinod D Deshmukh

December 21, 2014

A poet smiles with insight!

Presence is Pristine!

Energy-Awareness-Being is Pristine!

Presence or present mind has an infinite potential. 

Our mental activity is an expression of that infinite present Mind.

Self-healing and the empty chair 

Healed body is like having nobody in awareness;

Healed mind is like having nomind in awareness;

Healed ego is like having noego in awareness;

The selfless presence is ever so wise and blissful,

Leaving behind an empty chair.


Vinod D Deshmukh

December 17, 2014

Pune Anandvan 110314 035


From darkness to light,

From sleep to alertness,

From unawareness to presence

From ignorance to knowledge,

From flare-up to base-line,

From fear to calm,

From hatred to peace,

From confusion to clarity,

From transient to continuous,

From timed to timeless,

From event to quantum field,

From dream to Reality,

From movement to stillness,

From thought to silence,

From form to formless,

From specific to nonspecific,

From differentiated to undifferentiated,

From not-self to self,

From many to whole.

Vinod D Deshmukh

November 12, 2014

Reunion at Dapoli 2014 110814 010

यथा प्रकाशयत्येकः कृत्स्नं लोकमिमं रविः |

क्षेत्रं क्षेत्री तथा कृत्स्नं प्रकाशयति भारत ||१३- ३४||

As the Sun illumines all this world,

So does the Self or the primal Being illumines the whole field of her/his experience,

O descendant of Bharata.

Bhagavad Gita 13:34

The Sun-Within आत्मसूर्य:
The seven ‘S’ of the holistic source of



1)      Still relaxed body

2)      Silent speech, memory and thought

3)      Serene and loving heart

4)      Sky-like empty and receptive mind

5)      Self-effulgent energy

6)      Spontaneous bare awareness

7)      Source – primal energy-awareness-being

Vinod D Deshmukh

August 14th 2014


“Spiritual experience is an experience of aliveness of mind and body as a unity. Moreover, this experience of unity transcends not only the separation of mind and body but also the separation of self and world. The central awareness in these spiritual moments is a profound sense of oneness with all, a sense of belonging to the universe as a whole. The sense of oneness with the natural world is fully borne out by the new systemic conception of life… Spiritual experience – the direct, nonintellectual experience of reality in moments of heightened aliveness – is known as mystical experience because it is an encounter with mystery. Spiritual teachers throughout the ages have insisted that the experience of a profound sense of connectedness, of belonging to the cosmos as a whole, which is the central characteristic of mystical experience, is ineffable – incapable of being adequately expressed in words or concepts – and they often describe it as being accompanied by a deep sense of awe and wonder together with a feeling of great humility.”

Quotation from “The Systems View of Life” by Capra and Luisi (2014) pages 277-78.

The word “Spirit”


“Spirit” is an interesting word. It conjures up many different connotations and emotions in the human heart all over the world. Here are a few meanings that I found in different dictionaries:


1) Life force of a person (Life field), 2) Will (volition, or intentionality), 3) Enthusiasm, 4) Disposition, 5) Attitude, 6) Group Loyalty, 7) Important influence, 8) Real meaning, 9) Shared outlook, 10) Person, 11) Soul, 12) Supernatural entity or being, 13) Alcoholic drink, 14) Distilled liquid, 15) Alcoholic solution, 16) Holy Spirit in Christianity


A few of the Sanskrit meanings:

Prāna, Atman, Dehin, Kshetrajña, Paramātman, Brahman, Chitta, Manas, Tejas, Vritti, Bhāva, Utsāha, Praphullatā, Pramudita, Harsha-vritti, Udvega, Udāsina, Viryam, Urjah, Uddesha, Sāra, Tatvam, Satvam, Sārānsha, Jivitam, Jivanam, Ojas, Prakriti, Swabhāva, Shilam, Bhuta, Vetāla, Rākshasa, Pishācha, Apdevatā, Preta, Chhāya, Rasah, Surā, Madyam, Madirā, Adhyātma, Niravayava, Nirākāra, Chidrupa, Amurta,  Parama, Dharma,


Think about it. We are physical, mental, social and spiritual beings all at the same time. We mistakenly separate the physical from all else, from the One Infinite, Natural Reality, Energy~Awareness~Being. Think about it in yourself and in your daily life.


Be and Live in high spirit as much as you can, and share the goodness and love of our shared, Infinite Spirit!




Vinod D Deshmukh

April 29, 2014

विश्वं दर्पणदृश्यमाननगरीतुल्यं निजान्तर्गतम्

पश्यन्नात्मनि मायया बहिरिवोद् भूतं यथा निद्रया |

यः साक्षीकुरुते प्रबोधसमये स्वात्मानमेवाव्ययम्

तस्मै श्रीगुरुमूर्तये नम इदं श्रीदक्षिणामूर्तये ||1||




Seeing the universe contained within Himself, like a city seen in a mirror but appearing as if produced outside through māyā or illusion as in sleep – as being really in the Self, He who realizes at the time of spiritual illuminations His own immutable Self alone, to Him, incarnate as the blessed Teacher, to dakshināmūrti, is this salutation.


Today, neuroscience has discovered a mirror neuron network in the frontal and parietal-temporal areas, which constantly maps our ongoing experience and we even imitate what we see and hear. We learn from each experience. We learn our gestures, mannerisms, language, music and much more from our siblings, parents and friends. All this happens within our own brain~mind, just as our dreams. We need to realize this great wonder of our conscious~subconscious mentation.


From Inside~Out

For learning to live from inside~out,

Let all movements

Spring from bodily stillness;

Let all speech and words

Emerge from cognitive silence;

Let all emotional reactions

Sprout from a loving heart;

Let all creative thoughts and ideas

Flow freely from the clear mental sky;

Let the endless energy

Express its wonderful carvings,

With full conscious presence;

Let the enlightening awareness

Shine on all living beings,

Like the ever-generous mighty Sun.

Let the river of becoming

Begin, sustain and merge

In the spontaneous Supreme Being.


Learn to Live from Inside~Out

In the infinite Natural Matrix!

Vinod D Deshmukh

March 8, 2014

The Sun-within 
(The seven ‘S’):
Still body,
Silent speech,
Serene heart,
Sky-like mind,
Self-effulgent energy,
Spontaneous being.
the Sun-within!
Vinod D Deshmukh
March 6th 2014


Poorna, the Plenum


IT is all that is.

All this is in IT.


IT is

The sound and surround,

The flame and energy around,

The Sun and stars beyond,

The source and sink of all.

IT is

The speech, thought and Silence,

All movements and Stillness,

Every feeling, Serenity and

The incessant mental stream.

IT is

A new way of living,

A new mode of breathing and pausing,

And just being in the Reality, as is.


IT is

The spontaneously breathing body,

The freely flowing mind and

The memory-based habitual ego,

Nested in this amazing natural order.

IT is like

A seed growing into the Universal Tree,

A drop growing into the Cosmic Ocean,

A point growing into the Infinite Space,

An insight growing into the Holistic Mind, and

A moment growing into the Timeless Reality.

IT is

All Existence, Poorna Sat,

The holistic Awareness, Poorna Chit, and

The continuum of Energy~Bliss, Poorna Anand.


I am in IT; I am IT as well.

You are in IT; you are IT as well.

We are all in IT; we are all IT as well.

IT is

The timeless and self-effulgent


IT is Poorna, the Plenum;

THAT truly IS.

Vinod D Deshmukh

January 8, 2014


The Sea

Where does your voice end

On the sea of silence?

Where does your breath end

On the sea of stillness?

Where does your feeling end

On the sea of serenity?

Where does the heat of a flame end

On the sea of cosmic energy?

Where does your being end

On the sea of all-pervasive Being?


The Sea of Living Reality is Infinite.

It is All-as-ONE


Vinod D Deshmukh

December 17, 2013

Being the Source


Being the Source,

The still, silent and serene Source,

The energy, being and awareness of all.

It is the Source of

All experience and behavior,

The Source of

All physical and mental activity.


It is the air-free breathing,

The bodiless walking,

The eye-free seeing and

The joy of face-free smiling.

It is the earless listening,

The observer-free witnessing,

The wordless speaking and

The unthinkable thinking.

It is the streamless flow

From an empty Plenum.

It is the Reality of one’s

Continuous natural consciousness,

The content-free awareness.

It is the blissful existence of

A selfless, loving and caring Source.

It is the primal Parent of the World,

That glows within all of us,

As One Infinite Source!

Happy Thanksgiving 2013!

Vinod D Deshmukh

November 28, 2013

स्वल्पापि दीप कणिका बहुलं नाशयेत्तमः||२:२८||
स्वल्पापि बोधो निबिडं बहुलंनाशयेत्तथा ||२:२९||
Even a brief spark of light
can eliminate dense darkness. 
Similarly, even a brief moment of insight
can eliminate 
deep ignorance and misunderstanding. 
Happy Diwali
Vinod and Sunanda Deshmukh

We are

We are in Nature;

Nature is within us.

We are in Life;

Life is within us.

We are in Humanity;

Humanity is within us.

We are in Awareness;

Awareness is within us.

We are in our Self;

Our self is within us.

All of us are in this together,

Within One!

Please remember 4 ‘S’





Meditating on a Smile

Looking in a mirror,

Watching one’s face smile,

Spontaneously and unconditionally,

Without any internal talk, action or reaction.

Try it; see how rarely we look at our own face,

In such an innocent and unbiased way.

But, when it does happen,

It is a moment of insight and bliss.

What is behind a smile any way?

Physically, there are several facial muscles,

Amazingly well coordinated and synchronized,

For a single momentary expression of happiness.

Behind that is the great living brain,

With its multiple complex neural networks,

And it’s momentarily binding connectivity-pattern.

There is no “little person” inside the brain,

Just as there are no “little people” inside a TV set;

Only neural signal transmissions and transformations.

Mentally, there is the psyche with his/her bodily image,

Conscious and subconscious memories,

Perceptions, actions, reactions, emotions,

And a habitual chatter about something or the other;

Especially about one’s own face and one’s looks.

Behind this is the ego with its subtle motivations,

Likes and dislikes and approach or avoid reactions.

Behind the ego and all this mental activity,

Is the boundless, timeless, holistic field of

Spontaneous energy-awareness,

And a sense of an existential primal being.

That is the source-and-sink of all of our experiences.

That’s where the smile comes from and

That’s where it dissipates.

We are that source-and-sink.

A smile can be bliss!

Neuroscience & Buddha 032

Seed of Infinity:

Seed of Infinite Ocean is between two waves.

Seed of Infinite sky is between two clouds.

Seed of Infinite awareness is between two conscious events.

Discover the timeless fire of Life within.

I do not ride the transient wave of individuality;

I am the Ocean itself.

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